Business Therapy

Because nobody understands Us but Us.

As the business owner how do you think of yourself? DO you even think of yourself?!? As the leader and head task manager, do you ever get overwhelmed and sometimes wonder what your next steps should be? Do you struggle with “work for now” vs “plan for future” vs “personal life” dilemmas?

You’re not alone.

Maybe you’re doing quite well and you could use someone to talk through an expansion idea. Maybe you’re considering walking away from the whole thing.

Either way, LWD has 20 years of experience, has consulted with thousands of business owners and has heard practically every business concern. Sometimes it’s about isolation reassurance, sometimes it’s about solving a business issue, but one thing is probably true is that your challenge probably isn’t unique and it may be something we can help you with.

What are some ways Business Therapy can help you become a better business owner?

  • Bounce ideas off of a fellow business owner
  • Get obscure questions answered (or at least addressed)
  • Get a different perspective that helps focus your intentions
  • Get new ideas from a technology perspective
  • Get answers about confusing technology options
  • Talk about “that thing” that’s always been your sticking point!
  • Boost your confidence with more knowledge
  • Simply have somewhere to go to VENT!

Let’s Talk.