Ed Rosemond - Web Design Consultant

“I help entrepreneurs manifest their business vision into web strategies. Focus, Alignment, Action.”

Your Web Design Consultant

No “tech” talk, only business.

What does a Web Design Consultant do?

Web Design Consultant

You have a powerful business vision but the path can be difficult and solitary. How do you turn your ideas into actions?!?

As your Web Design Consultant I'll help you address your unique challenges, and together, we'll design an action plan to align your business goals with your website.

Web Design Consultant or Business Coach?

Web Design Consultant

Business-focussed sessions where I'll help you align your BUSINESS' goals with a web-based plan of action.

Business Coach

PERSONAL sessions to help the entrepreneur him/herself wrestling with the challenges of running a business.

Ed Rosemond - Web Design Consultant

Who am I?

Ed Rosemond

I’m a husband, a father and a 20+ year entrepreneur. I’m a creative with a business mind, singly focused on building businesses and helping underappreciated entrepreneurs fight their battles.

I create for the web, play basketball, build business strategies, travel, and occasionally run a marathon.

I’m a pretty simple guy. I listen, I solve and I build.

What will we do?

Tackle a Problem.

What's holding you back? Do you have a vision but don't know to proceed? The key to success is in the ability turn ideas into actions.

Let's figure out your challenge and design a plan to tackle it!

Let’s create custom plan that fits your business track.

eCommerce Track

Have an ecommerce store and your goal is product sales?

Lead-Gen Track

Rely on leads to feed your internal sales funnel?

Blogger Track

Make money with ads and need people to stay on-page longer?

Your Unique Track

Have a great idea and need help to uncover a path forward?

Premium Tools + Professional Guide =

Digital transformation

I'll get to know you and your business, then we'll design a transformation plan. We'll take the time necessary to get you on track.

You'll get access to our agency expertise, premium development tools, and of course, your own Web Design Consultant.

How do I do it? Process.

My Transformation Process

1. Analysis and Research

What's your vision and how are your competitors already doing it?

4. Website Development

What user experience (UX) items on the site need attention?

2. Planning & Strategy

What are our stated goals and how do we plan to tackle them?

5. Testing

Test, test and test again to ensure everything works as planned.

3. Website Updates

What user interface (UI) elements of the site need attention?

6. Maintenance and Support

Support going forward to keep everything running smoothly.

What’s missing in your website’s success?

Someone who understands your vision and is ready to help you manifest it!

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