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56% of small business owners have NOT claimed their Google listing.

Having a claimed and completed Google My Business (GMB) listing is single most important off-page action you can take to boost your business’ local performance.

Local business marketing is very different from eCommerce marketing or national brand marketing. Website visitors from other States are useless, you need customers from your own community.

Google My Business (GMB) is your secondary website, keyed DIRECTLY into Google itself, providing you a unique opportunity to promote your business’ profile. Ever wonder how to get your business to show up highlighted on the side of search results? Google My Business page.

Google My Business (GMB) has become one of the single most important actions you can take to affect local SEO as more than 50% of Internet searches have a LOCAL buying intent.

  • Greatly increase your website’s online profile
  • Be eligible to show up in enhanced search result listings
  • Extend your business’ digital reach
  • Take advantage of extended features like Google maps and Google reviews

We’ll take your business story and create your GMB page for you.

  • Name address phone (NAP) – people can contact you directly from the listing.
  • Categorization – Let google know what business you’re in and help it to put you in the correct search results.
  • Photos – Share photos of your location, business outings, events, products, designs and more.
  • Video – Share how-to’s, company stories and commercials.
  • Reviews – Customers can share how happy they are with you and prospects make buying decisions on happy customer reviews.
  • Blog posts – Enhance your SEO with posts that show your expertise and keep people engaged.
  • Products – Sell your products directly from GMB or link back to your website’s store.
  • Maps – Your location can display prominently in Google maps so people can find you easily.
  • FAQs – Your chance to ask and answer every questions  leads ask before you close a sale. Establish yourself as the subject matter expert.
  • Events – List your upcoming events and seminars directly on Googles platform.

Link all your traffic back to your website for the full picture and collect emails. GMB is comprehensive, flexible and effective.

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