Social Media Branding

Your website isn’t the only place people engage with your brand.

Hundreds (possibly thousands) of people pass by your social media profiles daily. Whether it’s an algorithmic Facebook ‘suggestion’ or a deliberate page visit, common interests and keywords are a great way to bring in new visitors. But what will they discover when they meet your brand? Are your social media pages brand-accurate and click-worthy? Or could they use a little help?

Your customers can discover your business from many sources. Make sure EVERY engagement presents your message clearly, effectively and on-brand.

Many social media platforms provide two branding opportunities, the profile pic and the cover photo. The profile pic is an opportunity to remind people of your logo and cover photo is an opportunity to give more depth into your business’ focus, target, market benefit and/or proficiency. Don’t underestimate this opportunity.

Our Social Media Branding Booster will:

  • Present a unified brand across multiple social media platforms
  • Design and post properly sized and uniformly designed cover photo (page header graphic) and profile image (logo) for any: Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

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for discount at checkout – $75

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